Gruene/Efa Fraktion

PlenaryFebruary 07, 2007

EU trade policy goes Asia, or bananas?

Speech by Pierre Jonckheer

Instead of levelling European regulations down to global minimum standards and abandoning the European Social Model, the EU should rather press its trading partners to get to higher standards.


PlenaryFebruary 07, 2007

Restricting hazardous substances

Speech by Carl Schlyter

Perfl uorooctane sulfonates (PFOS) are a seriously problematic group of chemical substances. With their use now discontinued in consumer products, this report by Green MEP Carl Schlyter seeks to seriously restrict remaining industrial uses of PFOS, applying the ‘substitution principle’


PlenaryNovember 13, 2006

A new framework strategy for multilingualism Culture and Education

Speech by Bernat Joan i Marí


PlenaryOctober 21, 2006

EU environmental budget (LIFE+): Parliament opposes giving Member States a blank chequ

Speech by Marie Anne Isler Béguin

With environmental spending amounting to less than 1% of overall EU spending already, transferring the lion's share of this to Member States would be absurd. The Parliament has today called for a coherent approach to environmental spending to equip the EU with the means to achieve its goals for protecting the environment and biodiversity and combating climate change